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Three ways to prevent Information Overload for Contractors

By September 2, 2022Insurance

Just Google it! I know you have heard that phrase, maybe used it yourself or told someone else to do it. Of course, it works and the information returned is useful, that is if you can sift through the 234,567 results and determine which one is really the info you need to make a decision. I am sure you have heard the term information overload and have probably personally felt that too.

Blog - Man Rubbing Temples Frustrated with Technology
If you are out wiring a building, installing the plumbing, or on a machine excavating dirt, we feel your pain!

That’s why we research and sift information constantly to help you find things you need to keep the business running smoothly!

1. We send a weekly newsletter that learns what you like and are interested in reading. Yes, it learns by looking for more information related to the items you click on. How cool is that? So check your email every Monday to see relevant articles and information that will help with things that you are interested in.

2. Search our website for information on every part of business protection. The why and how to get Tailored Protection for everything important to you. Don’t like reading, then watch an informational video to learn exactly what you need. Take a quick look here to get the information you need.

3. Business Content Libray on our web page is available 24/7. We add articles regularly related to business operations to assist with everyday issues you need to address. So easy you can read it right on your phone here.

Ok and if you have read this far you get the $bonus$! Just Ask us! That’s right! If you need information, we are your resource. Call, text, email or message us on social media and we will do the searching for you. Can it be any easier than that? We think not. So take us for a test spin and see how we can help!

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