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Taking Care of Business!

I was walking down a street the other day and viewed this mailbox. We all know that the mailbox is in front of our house, right. So every day we look at it without really seeing it. I am not picking on this person as I know I do this and have done this more regularly than I care to admit. I overlook the obvious because it becomes “too familiar”! Sometimes we walk past the most obvious things that need attention without seeing them. Being blind to anything because it is familiar is a trap in all areas of life. What about your mailbox? Have you looked at it lately? What about behind the commode in your bathroom? Ugh! I am just making the point that some places are easier to see than others but they all need attention at some level to keep our lives and relationships on track.

We intentionally work on this as a team business project that is always ongoing. Asking questions about how we communicate important information to clients and pre-clients is necessary if we are to improve our relationships that depend on trust as the mainstay.

Assessing risks and communicating this to clients is a major element of what we do as insurance advisors. We work every day to live up to the professional advisor’s name. That means skill, knowledge, and communications that make a difference and keeps our clients informed. It is a daunting task to be sure as the number of communication mediums continues to grow and challenges even the most “digitally accomplished”!

So when you get our text, email, snail mail, (yes, we still do that) phone call, tweet, Facebook message, or Instagram post, just know we are trying to keep you informed. Risk in life is not static but ever-changing. We endeavor to help you manage it, transfer it or eliminate it when you can.

That is why we have a Director of Communications and Public Relations now as a full team member. We are really glad Nikki Wines is helping us improve our communications.

For us, that is just “taking care of business” and we love doing it for you.

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