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Rising Cost of Property Replacement

By June 23, 2021September 7th, 2022Insurance

“Home is where the heart is”, they say. It is also where your pocketbook is!
It is most often your largest personal investment and asset. Protecting that asset is extremely important to your overall financial health. When its value changes your protection needs to change as well. Many insurance policies stop at the value listed on your policy declarations page. Some can have additional protection for up to 50% above that limit when a proper endorsement is added. These are important elements that a trusted insurance advisor can help you understand. Choosing options and making informed decisions is part of the process that enables you to recover from disaster when it strikes. Whether fire, storm, or another unexpected peril strikes you need to correct protection to avoid disaster.

The cost of replacing your home continues to rise as raw material prices increase.  As you can imagine  So what happens to your insurance? Does it go up as well? In most cases the answer is yes, you will see changes when your renewal arrives in the mail. If not, you need to contact your agent or another insurance advisor that you trust to determine if your protection is keeping up with these changes. When a claim occurs, it is too late to adjust values or add protection that is missing. We always recommend doing a full review at least every 3 years and sooner if you have made any changes to your property. Planning ahead and staying informed is always in your best interest. You may find helpful information about protecting your home here. Tailored Protection for your home

Here is what we are seeing for the second quarter of 2021
  • Lumber     +54.0%
  • Plywood    +42.6%
  • Ready Mix   +3.8%
  • Roofer          +6.0%
  • Plumber       +4.1%
  • Electrician   +4.6%

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